The Return of Purple and Teal

In what will almost definitely go down as the best move Michael Jordan has made during his time with the Charlotte Bobcats, the team will not only be going back to the Hornets name but will also go back to the purple and teal color scheme. And what welcoming news that is.alonzo mourning hornets

The Hornets have been on hiatus ever since, well this year when the New Orleans Hornets changed their name to the Pelicans. Honestly naming your team after a non threatening bird is one of the best strategies. But anyway this move lets the Charlotte Bobcats ditch their dreadful history and go back to a less horrible franchise name.

The purple and the teal. These colors are more 90s than any possible color combination. Seriously, I really cant think of a possible color scheme that is  a better representation of the decade.

Clearly the marketing team in Charlotte was doing their job, the old Hornets colors have been selling like crazy recently. I’ve seen a ton of people rocking the old purple and teal hats, it’s just so stupidly awesome. So with that I say, welcome back purple and teal. And I guess welcome back…..Hugo the Hornet.

Great. Hugo is back. Awesome.

Great. Hugo is back. Awesome.


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