The 90s Christmas Advent Calendar: Day 1

Chanukah RugratsEvery day until Christmas I will bring forth an image of a holiday special, a toy, or whatever else inspires me to think of a 90s Christmas. Just like an Advent calendar, but instead of candy or toys you get snarky comments about stuff from 15 years ago.

Yet where we shall begin is with a Rugrats Chanukah. Because in present time it is Chanukah. That’s my only reason. Anyway, the Rugrats specials were actually pretty educational, and if it wasn’t for this show I probably wouldn’t even be able to spell “Chanukah.” Seriously, I’m doing that without even using spell check.

To be honest though the Rugrats Passover stuck with me a lot more than the Chanukah episode. Something about Tommy as Moses parting the Red Sea really stuck with me. Truly inspirational.