The 90s Christmas Advent Calendar: Day 4

tamagotchiAhh, the Tamagotchi. The Tamagotchi was the useless app you didn’t need way before Apple was producing useless apps that you didn’t need. Many people would say that Tamagotchi was Japanese for “Friend.” If you were told that, you were lied to. It means egg, which is just as uncreative a name as friend. I did have a Tamagotchi, but my favorite part was ignoring it until the egg was filled with its poop. Then it would die. HA.


Jersey of the Week: Christmas Addition

jazz-jersey-90sToday we will combine our jersey segments with our Advent calendar. Because Christmas is all about giving and taking and all that crap. So what exactly makes this a Christmas special? Mountains. Snowy mountains. Just looking at the Stockton and Malone era Utah Jazz gives you that comfy feeling of being in a log cabin with a fire place on the side. I mean the purple kind of kills that wintery theme, but not enough to take me away from being comfy. Even the little belt on the shorts looks like a snowflake.

Hopefully I can find a much more Christmasy jersey for next week…..

The 90s Christmas Advent Calendar: Day 2

furby 90sHonestly…..F this thing. I’ll never understand why this creature was sold out all over the country. It’s creepy, it watches you sleep, and for some reason it continues talking even after you take the batteries out. I cant believe there was a time I wanted this for Christmas. One of my top regrets was saying “hey Santa, give me this bird-rat hybrid.” I must have been really bad that year, I would have preferred the lump of coal.


The 90s Christmas Advent Calendar: Day 1

Chanukah RugratsEvery day until Christmas I will bring forth an image of a holiday special, a toy, or whatever else inspires me to think of a 90s Christmas. Just like an Advent calendar, but instead of candy or toys you get snarky comments about stuff from 15 years ago.

Yet where we shall begin is with a Rugrats Chanukah. Because in present time it is Chanukah. That’s my only reason. Anyway, the Rugrats specials were actually pretty educational, and if it wasn’t for this show I probably wouldn’t even be able to spell “Chanukah.” Seriously, I’m doing that without even using spell check.

To be honest though the Rugrats Passover stuck with me a lot more than the Chanukah episode. Something about Tommy as Moses parting the Red Sea really stuck with me. Truly inspirational.

Ad Blockers

gameboy color hair adWhile the “Got Milk?” campaign was the highlight of advertising in the 90s (still cant figure that one out,) it was a decade with plenty of flare for those flipping through magazines.

Here we have an ad for the Game Boy Color. Which really wasn’t actually in color. It featured maybe three of four colors during gameplay. But the system itself was colorful, and when your selling a product to kids that is all that really matters.

Now the thing I like about this ad is it shows a lot of the style of the 90s. Green haired grunge kid, bald…..girl and laughing black guy. Hmm. All right maybe it really doesn’t show much of anything. Whatever, I still loved my Game Boy, so what if Nintendo sucks at marketing.


Jersey of the Week

charles barkley rockets jersey


Not only does this jersey have a rocket orbiting a basketball, but it is an angry rocket orbiting a basketball. Look at that sneer, I would not want to mess with that rocket. Come to think of it a pissed off rocket really is the best thing for Charles Barkley to wear. Well not the rocket part as much as the really angry part. I am almost positive that when Elton John wrote Rocket Man that he was not talking about Charles Barkley. Though I’ve been wrong before.

The Return of Purple and Teal

In what will almost definitely go down as the best move Michael Jordan has made during his time with the Charlotte Bobcats, the team will not only be going back to the Hornets name but will also go back to the purple and teal color scheme. And what welcoming news that is.alonzo mourning hornets

The Hornets have been on hiatus ever since, well this year when the New Orleans Hornets changed their name to the Pelicans. Honestly naming your team after a non threatening bird is one of the best strategies. But anyway this move lets the Charlotte Bobcats ditch their dreadful history and go back to a less horrible franchise name.

The purple and the teal. These colors are more 90s than any possible color combination. Seriously, I really cant think of a possible color scheme that is  a better representation of the decade.

Clearly the marketing team in Charlotte was doing their job, the old Hornets colors have been selling like crazy recently. I’ve seen a ton of people rocking the old purple and teal hats, it’s just so stupidly awesome. So with that I say, welcome back purple and teal. And I guess welcome back…..Hugo the Hornet.

Great. Hugo is back. Awesome.

Great. Hugo is back. Awesome.